At Akteon, we believe sustainable alpha generation is derived from market inefficiencies and the ability to identify investment opportunities. The operationalization and groundwork of capitalizing on those inefficiencies lay in the execution of a diligent fund strategy. We believe for sustained fund growth, risks need to be identified and non-correlated to hedge against price volatility. 


In recent years, relative stagnant growth within the Eurozone economies coupled with falling commodity prices have created an array of inefficiencies. As a result of these market distortions, ROI and returns have been sub-par across most European asset classes. In addition, the recent U.K. withdrawal from Europe's single market has capital shifting attention to Asian and American markets in search for safe-haven assets and solid returns on investment. We believe the market inefficiencies due to the political economy offer potential gains within the alternative investment industry.


Our thematic approach to alternative investments seek to bridge funds from distressed assets, to consistent returns in developed markets. As a result, Akteon Capital offsets decreased return on investment from underperforming legacy industries, by investing in developed and investment grade assets within mature markets.