Akteon Capital Management was founded in 2005 by Michael L. Edwards after a decade of experience in investment banking and consulting. Akteon operates a private investment fund and specializes in alternative investments across the North Atlantic market. Akteon traditionally invests in private equity FOFs specializing in providing later stage growth-capital to private firms within the diversified manufacturing and industrial sectors. In addition, we actively engage in the secondaries market of private company acquisitions and private co-investment opportunities. 


Our firm builds upon an exceptional decade of proven results within the industry. Today, Akteon's commitment to providing capital solutions to the private market spans across North America, Europe and Asia. In 2012 Akteon Capital opened it's North American investment branch in Boston Massachusetts to bridge development in automation with conventional industrial application. 

About Akteon Capital Management
  • 2005 Akteon Capital is founded and the London office is opened with registration in Guernsey 

  • 2011 Akteon Capital commits over 150m to alternative investments

  • 2012 Akteon Capital expands to North America opening their satellite office in Boston Massachusetts

  • 2015 The team celebrates 10 years of investment excellence 

  • 2016 Singapore strategic LP partnership established in Singapore City